Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winston-Salem Critical Mass Bike Ride

The Last Minute Gelato Ride is taking place Friday, July 30th.  Meet-up time is 5:30pm at the Green space located at Fourth and Trade. Ride time starts at 6:00pm. 

How about a nice, leisurely ride northward? I'm thinking about heading up through Graylyn, through the Reynolda House compound, on up to Wake for a ride around the campus and back--stopping at Caffe Prada upon return. It's a bit of a long ride with some solid hills, but it has some nice scenery to it--and a good balance of fun downhills to why-am-i-spending-my-friday-like-this uphills.
Be sure to join the Winston-Salem Critical Mass interest group on Facebook to be notified of upcoming rides.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy to hear Winston-Salem has a critical mass ride. I lived near there (in Greensboro) for a year after college.